Water Treatment

The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

Sawyer Products SP131 PointOne Squeeze Water Filter System with 3 Pouches


This has been a beautiful addition to my now vast water filter collection. Because of how lightweight and simple it is to use, it has become my go to filter. I rarely carry anything else. 


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight (2.7oz), (19.84g)
  • No wait time for filtration
  • Supposed to last for a million gallons
  • No chemical taste
  • Saves a ton of plastic from landfills if you use this instead of buying water in cities


  • Possible failure due to freezing
  • Drinking directly from it is a little awkward
  • Bladders tend not to last too long
  • Squeezing is not for everyone
  • Not good for large groups

This filter does nothing to change the taste of the water so if you pick up some grungy water, it’s not going to improve the taste like a carbon filter. Also because it works with nano pores, there is a downside in climates where the temperature gets to freezing. If your filter freezes, those nano pores could wind up expanding and letting harmful bacteria through. I have used this filter in freezing temperatures and usually just sleep with it in my bag.

A note on the collapsable bottles that come with the filter, I have had to replace several. I would suggest taking more than one on any trip you take.


Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

I always take a few chlorine dioxide tablets with me as a backup on my solo trips. They came in handy when I let my Sawyer Squeeze Filter freeze up one night. Since I no longer trusted it, I used the tablets the rest of the trip. I used to take the drops but figured this would be a better option as there is no possibility of having the pills spill or freeze.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use


  • Requires waiting time
  • The taste is not the most agreeable
  • Expensive when considering cost on a per liter basis

Potable Aqua Chlorine DioxideTablets, 30 Tablets

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