Health Insurance for Longterm Travel

Health Insurance was something that when I was uneducated about travel held me back from taking a long trip. Discussing this topic with friends, coupled with my own research has given me the freedom to travel while insured. There are various options out there each with their pros and cons.

While writing this section I decided to look at the various sites I had used to select coverage and then a thought popped into my head. Does travelers insurance cover me under the Affordable Care Act requirement? The unfortunate answer, NO! This is one of those big whoops moments where I realized my error is going to cost me. I wrote about that realization here. I have listed a resource below to help you figure out if you are exempt. Fortunately if you are out of the country for 330 days you are exempt. There are other exemption rules but I won’t dive into those.

I personally use travelers insurance. They are affordable, allow me to do “risky” sporting activities without dropping me from coverage, and include a couple of useful features for travelers such as travel delay, and partial reimbursement for theft of items. I am not going to do a review of them as I have yet to exercise the use of my policy. Because I think it deserves mentioning you are only covered 100 miles outside of your primary residence so don’t get hurt when visiting home.

Here are few websites I used when doing my research on coverage. I hope they are helpful to you. If anyone knows of other sites that should be included on this list please let me know.


Travel Insurance Sites


Evacuation Insurance


Affordable Care Act Rules & Exemptions (US Citizens)


Revised 12/12/14

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