The Journey to Rurrenabaque

After my time in Amboro, it was time to continue the journey. I had gotten a feel for a more tropical environment and was interested in seeing more of it. A park called Madidi fit the bill. But first to get there. From Santa Cruz it is not the easiest journey. It would be an all night bus to Trinidad. Once in Trinidad, I was told that there would be no buses until the following day. I didn’t quite believe that so I continued to pester people and found one that would leave in the afternoon. Still, this was not exactly what I had hoped for so after eating some less than appetizing (a plate of shredded pig innards with yuca) I continued asking around. I was told that I could go to San Borja and then get transport to Rurrenabaque from there. I looked at my trusty maps app, and saw that this made sense from a directionality perspective, San Borja was on the way. 

At this point I was talking to a guy heading that way and a woman approached us about a ride to San Borja. She told us to get on a motorcycle and she they would take us to the car. I opted to walk back with her. I don’t know about you but getting on a random persons motorcycle not knowing where you are going is a good way to get your organs sold on the open market. Not that I got that feeling from her or the guy on the bike, but I told her I would just walk back with her. Once at the house a few blocks away, the guy I was talking to was there with all organs in tact. I realized the reason for this secrecy was that this was not an official taxi. It was a side hustle of a restaurant owner that was traveling in that direction and had “extra” space in his car. Meaning we would all be like sardines. I think we wound up with 4, 3 and a child, and 3. So 11 people in a station wagon. 

As they stacked all our luggage I left with the guy I was talking to to have a second breakfast. I was really just there to accompany him since I had eaten already but it served as a good opportunity to buy some empanadas for the road.

We got back and we packed in like sardines. We were told we were all now family in case we were stopped by the police, I was cousin Jose.



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