Puno to Copacabana via Yunguyo and Kasani

Getting from Puno to Copacabana via Yunguyo and Kasani

I thought I would do a write up to help those doing a land crossing from Puno to Copacabana. On that journey one goes through the Yunguyo and Kasani migration controls.


Summary of the Route

Puno  Yunguyo  Kasani  Copacabana


Puno to Yunguyo

I personally took a colectivo bus from Puno to Yunguyo. This does not leave out of the main Puno bus terminal that most of us arrive through. It leaves south of that Terminal at Terminal Zonal de Puno. It’s only a few blocks walk. Below is a map showing you where it is relative to the Terminal Terrestre de Puno. 


This method is the cheapest way of getting from Puno to Copacabana. It was 8 soles to Yunguyo from Puno. Then a moto taxi for 3 soles to get to the actual border from the plaza that the colectivo bus drops you at. 

Getting from Kasani to Copacabana

Once you are processed you have two options, either a taxi that will cost you 20B or a colectivo bus that will cost you 3B. The colectivo bus drops you off at the bus plaza in Copacabana. From there you can walk in almost any direction and find lodging. It’s hard to get lost in Copacabana because it is quite small so you shouldn’t worry about that.

Total transportation costs were $3.78 USD. 


Tourist Buses

This is another option and they are going to be nicer buses. However, they will cost you much more. You can buy tickets through these websites. Not all departure days are available and in my opinion, they are over priced. 


Visas and Preparation

I had read that the crossing for U.S. Citizens is a bit of a hassle. Because of that I went to the Bolivian consulate in Puno to try and get my visa there. Unfortunately they didn’t have the stamps required to give me the visa and told me to get processed at the border. 

Requirements at the border crossing (U.S. Citizens) 

  1. $160 U.S. dollars in super crisp bills for your 10 year visa – Some have claimed that bills have been rejected.
  2. A physical passport like photo – I took mine in Puno but you can take one at the border as well.
  3. Your actual passport – I hope this is obvious…
  4. A copy of your passport – I had mine in color but have read that others were ok with a black and white copy.
  5. A copy of a bus or plane ticket showing your intent to exit the country 
  6. A receipt/confirmation of where you are lodging
  7. Your itinerary when in Bolivia – I wrote down a few locations I would be going to.
  8. Optional – A copy of your yellow vaccination card showing your yellow fever shot.

Here is the great news. If you forgot ANY of this stuff (except for your passport), you can walk out of the migration office in Kasani and get this all done on site. There is an adjacent yellow building where you can exchange currency, get your picture taken, book accommodations, and buy a bus ticket out of the country (provided the internet is working). I would still advise getting all of this done so that your crossing from Peru to Bolivia goes smoothly.


The process

Go in here. 

Migrations Building in Yunguyo Peru

Migrations Building in Yunguyo Peru

Once processed walk this way.

The road from Yunguyo Peru to Kasani Bolivia

The road from Yunguyo Peru to Kasani Bolivia

Enter the Bolivian Migrations Building. Left hand side of the image and painted in white. The yellow building at the far end is where one can exchange currency, take pictures, etc.

Bolivian Migrations Building

Bolivian Migrations Building


Resources I found useful

If anyone has any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll try to help you.

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