My Love of Travel

I was fortunate enough to have more than a strong push to invoke my love of travel. To be honest I did not really have a great passion for travel until about the age of 20. Sure there were things I wanted to see but it was not a focal point in my life.

In 2001 I was in undergrad and taking an independent study with what is now a good friend of mine, Wayne Finke. He was insistent on me studying abroad in Spain. I politely declined on numerous occasions explaining that summers were the time I worked the most to pay for my tuition and that I could not fathom taking time off from work. That did not stop him from mentioning it every time I saw him. On one occasion he mentioned that he had gotten me a scholarship so that I would not have to pay for classes while abroad. I again politely declined and asked him to offer that scholarship to another individual that was interested in going.

Several weeks passed when he mentioned he had spoken to the host family I was going to stay with. I again told him I was not going. A few weeks after that I walk into his office and he hands me a piece of paper. It was a personal check written out to me for $500. At this point he won the battle in stylish form and we booked my flight from his office. I will always be eternally indebted to him for that great gesture which inevitably led to my great passion and love of travel.




  1. Dude!!!! Mice got into your good? Are you sure you’re not camping in the 6 train subway tunnel? The pics and videos are awesome. Next time take a pic if the shelters..I have no clue what they would be like.

  2. Nice..happy to read– the Finkemiester influenced your love of travel…same here..Good man.

    • Good ole Finke continues to influence others in travel. Last night at dinner he was nudging some of his students to go study abroad. Hopefully they’ll listen like we did. 🙂

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