Day 85 – Hike up to Sperry Campsite – Glacier National Park

I woke up feeling quite tired from yesterday’s hike and knowing that I would have to ascend 3,432 feet across 6.4 miles today. Today is a bit more millage but about the same elevation gain as yesterday. I had some of my left over pico de gallo with pesto and a banana for breakfast. I then got myself a cup of coffee and started to clean up the mess I had made in my car. By the time I got myself completely prepared and ready for the trail, it was 2pm…

The trial was difficult. I am not sure if it was just the trail or the combination of the two days but my legs felt tired. I finally felt heavy muscle fatigue on this hike. Despite it, I made it up in 3hrs and 45 minutes. A time I would find out is quite respectable when speaking to others. This was the view when I got up to the campsite.


The hike was along a wooded trail with little views. It was also covered in horse manure. The reason being is that there is a Chalet at the top where supplies are carried up via horse and donkey. Guests frequently also go up on horseback. I can’t recall another hike where I’ve encountered so much animal excrement. Also like yesterday, the weather loomed. Drizzle started and stopped throughout much of the hike. At the top I quickly set up camp since it was starting to rain. Afterwards I cooked my meal. On today’s menu was minute rice with the remaining pesto I had. Luckily the rain let up as I ate and I had time to make myself some tea as well.

While at camp I hung out with a group of 4 guys – Shane, Ray, Robert, and Don. Once the weather hit we tried to wait it out but we became too cold and all headed back to take refuge in our tents.

When the weather broke again I came out for second dinner and met  some of the other campers at the site. Two Jeff’s a Joey and unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the other young man in the group. Eventually the rest came out and we hung out until it was time for bed.



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