Day 234 – Hiking in Tierra del Fuego – Day 5 of 5

Today Michael and I packed up camp around 9 and headed out. The path down was a little dryer which was very nice. We were out relatively quickly and crossed the most solid bridge you can imagine. The day prior when we crossed it wet, we were both a little hesitant. Today it seemed more solid, perhaps because we knew it would hold our weight. It was missing slabs of wood, would sway, and was wholly uneven.

Michael Crossing the Super Safe Bridge

Michael Crossing the Super Safe Bridge

Once out onto the road we were going to change into some clean clothes in hopes of getting a ride to town. When we put our bags down, Michael realized he had lost one of his hiking boots. He was wearing his second pair that were for mountaineering. I told him to go back as far as he wanted to go look for it. With that time I took pictures of the nearby flowers.

Buttercup - Ranunculus

Buttercup – Ranunculus

He returned without his boot and we headed down the treacherous road. Treacherous because the dogs out here are pretty aggressive. They bark like crazy and charge at you. The fun part is when they create a pack and start circling you. One came too close for comfort and I swatted toward it with my hiking pole. I’m not sure if that was a good move or not but it backed away momentarily. It also seemed to hype him up also.

About an hr from town we flagged down a taxi and split the fare back. Once in town we picked up groceries and supplies for dinner. Michael had taken a liking to the meal I had prepared at El Refugio de los Mochileros and wanted me to make it again. I was happy to. We stuffed our faces with pasta filled with spinach and cheese, socialized with some other travelers staying in the hostel, and then hit the room for some slumber.


  1. What you have there my friend, is the rare and beautiful buttercup! There were usually hundreds of them in my yard growing up – we used to hold them under one another’s chin to see the yellow. Glad you made it past the dogs… onward 🙂

    • Thanks Kira! I updated the photo thanks to you. I have too many unknown flowers on my posts. One down several more to go 🙂

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