Day 130 – Seven Devils Mountain Range

I woke up really dehydrated but happy that I no longer had headache. I left my campsite to the posted map which was only about .5 miles from it to see where the closest body of water was. On there I saw seven devils lake which was a 10 minute walk from my campsite. I headed back and hiked toward the lake with my ceramic water filter and empty bottles/bladders. I filled up about 3 gallons of water and had breakfast by the lake. I also took an inadvertent shower when I slipped on a rock and fell in the lake. I didn’t fully submerge but got my pants and sneakers thoroughly wet.

After breakfast and changing into some dry clothes I set my sights on a trial that went up the ridge which should then take me to Tower of Babel and She Devil. I can only speculate as to where I actually hiked because I had no topo map and was going by google maps. Luckily location services were available to help me with some of that guesswork. These were the pictures from that hike that came out the best. I have noticed an artifact on my camera lens that ruined many of the shots from this hike. It comes out primarily with high amounts of light. Yet another thing I need to address soon.






This was the final ascent up to what I believe was She Devil.


I found the scramble to be fun. It got steep on some sections that required some climbing and then I hit a point where I was on a small peak isolated from the main summit by a pretty good drop. At this point I looked around for another approach and decided that I could not complete the hike up to the summit. I headed back down carefully and picked up my bag which I had left at the bottom. Here I took a small break to snack there and headed back the way I came. Sort of… I wound up down climbing a pretty steep cliff that I don’t recall going up at some point. It was a little uncomfortable since there was a drop involved. Not one of those fall to your death drops but one that would certainly do some damage.

Once at the car I decided I would drive back to my aunts house in Moscow Idaho.  I was fantasizing about a nice long shower and some creature comforts like a kitchen, and bed. I made it in right before midnight and took full advantage of the hot shower that awaited me.

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