Choquequirao Hike – Day 6

Day 6 of my Choquequirao hike would be a routine day of hiking. I woke up in Marampata at the campsite below. From here it would be a 4,537 foot drop back down to the apurimac canyon and a smaller climb back up (according to Just for reference, the Empire State building is 1,454 feet tall. My plan was to stay at the first campsite I stayed at on night one (Chiquisca). Since I stayed an extra night at the Choquequirao campsite, my travel companions were already ahead of me.  I took a few pictures of the little things I noticed on the way down. I was not really taking in the grander sights as much as the smaller ones today. Those of you that don’t like crawly things may not appreciate some of the imagery below. I am not a person that is bothered by spiders at all. However,…

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Choquequirao Hike – Day 5


Day 5 of the Choquequirao hike was mostly overcast. The plan today was to go back to the Qolqas and Hanan regions since I felt a little rushed Yesterday. Then I would head to a new sector of Choquequirao called Paqchayoq and Paraqtepata. I would leave my stuff at the campsite and then return for it before going to Paqchayoq and Paraqtepata.    I walked along the terraces below the main plaza. They were insanely long. To get to the end it may have taken me 15 minutes.There really wasn’t much at the end of it except another trail where I am unsure where it led. After feeling satisfied with my terrace stroll I headed back towards the main trail to head back up to the Plaza via a different terrace. While I liked the bald look of the terrace, I also appreciated the random trees that were planted on them.…

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Choquequirao Hike – Day 4

Day 4 of the Choquequirao hike is where I lost my mind taking pictures. I completely fell in love with this place. I visited the lama terraces, main plaza, pikiwasi, qolqa, hanan, and casa sacerdotal. My take away was that Choquequirao has a much more intimate feel that Machu Picchu. The day started out with a usual breakfast, then a hike back up to Pikiwasi and the main Plaza. The same hike I did in the evening yesterday. Below you’ll note some of the bites I got. Nothing like getting bitten between fingers! I feel it’s like winning an MVP trophy but for hiking. By the way this is just a tiny sample of the bites I got here. I was pretty much covered in them. Some of these bites have persisted after months.  As I did yesterday I entertained myself walking through the various structures and rooms at Pikiwasi. …

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Choquequirao Hike – Day 3

On day 3 of my Choquequirao hike I wound up separating from my friends since I was hiking faster and wanted to avoid the heat on the uphill. I wouldn’t be alone for long. I caught up to another hiker along the way and paired up with him.  At last nights campsite I was told that after the second stream from camp, there would be no more water until the town at the top (Marampampa). When I got to that second stream I stocked up on some water. I took the shirt I was using as sun cover off of my head and placed it on a rock. When I returned I received a wonderful surprise. I found one of the most stunning butterflies I’ve ever seen suckling on my shirt. The wings had patches that were translucent. After being thoroughly entertained by my butterfly friends, we continued. Pretty quickly…

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Choquequirao Hike – Day 2

Hiking Choquequirao

Today is day 2 of the Choquequirao hike. It rained last night and the tent was a little humid this morning. I wound up getting up at 8am and me and my friends were the only two tents left. Unfortunately I did not sleep very well last night. Aside from getting to bed late, and being unable to sleep because of a headache, I was also awoken at 4am by the other campers leaving. I cooked my morning ramen and had a cup of coffee with condensed milk. I recently bought a 100g sachet of condensed milk at the supermarket. This served two purposes, to use as a sweetener and, milk product. I have to say it was not half bad. This might be a luxury item I carry when it’s available. I can’t wait to try that with shredded coconut, cinnamon, and Kiwicha (plant that you can make porridge…

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