Day 346 & 347 – Hiking to Laguna Creton

Day 1 Today I left C.A.B pretty tired. Yesterday turned out to be more exhausting than I thought. Despite the fatigue, I was happy that I got myself up at a decent time unlike yesterday. I had at least 7 hours of daylight for today’s hike. It was expected to rain with the highest probability late in the evening. At least that is what the forecast said the day I set out. This morning the weather was pretty good though so I was hopeful it would last. One of the things I noticed in the day time was that the pile of rocks I ate on last night was probably part of the refugio at some point. There were roof tiles and some wood that looked like it supported the roof interspersed amongst them. The refugio’s wood had also apparently been used as firewood for some time. This is what…

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Day 345 – Hiking to C.A.B

Frozen Earth

I must admit I was extremely reluctant to leave my amazing shelter. I slept in and enjoyed as much of it before taking off. I had what was about a 2hr breakfast. I poked around the shelter some more now that I had more light to look at things. I decided to consume some rice noodles that were in the cooler, as well as take a few bags of tea. In exchange I left some coffee tea bags, wiped down all the tables, benches, and swept the entire first floor before leaving. This is what that stuffed cooler looked like. All sorts of goodies. Today’s hike would take me across laguna negra giving fantastic views at every juncture. The stillness of the water perfectly reflected cerro negro. The part around the lake which I suspected was the easiest turned out to be a bit of a pain in the ass.…

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Day 344 – Hiking up to Laguna Negra

Laguna Negra

Tonight I would camp at Laguna Negra. After a ridiculous amount of time staying put in Bariloche I am finally making it out on a multi-day hike. The last hike was really enjoyable but too short for my taste. I have planned a 10+ day hike making a loop starting at Laguna Negra and ending my trip at Refugio Jakob. There will be some off trail travel in the latter part of the trip and I have enough food provisions with me to last at least 12 days. This extra food is with me in the event I have to wait out the weather. This seems like the best weather/ash window I’ve had so it’s now or never. Winter has arrived and has already dusted the tops of the mountains with fresh snow. I still needed to pick up some last minute supplies so I headed to the supermarket and…

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Day 335 – 343 – Hanging out in Bariloche & a day hike

About a week ago I was dropped off in Bariloche by Kevin. We bro hugged it out, took a picture, and I headed into my hostel while he drove off to Mendoza. I didn’t do much that week other than eat lots of delicious food, post on this site, walk around, and hang at the hostel. I do have a good excuse for being so sedentary, the Calbuco volcano had gone off and there was an ash plume in the air. Not exactly the ideal hiking conditions. People were walking around with masks and the sweet smell of sulfer was in the air. There were some days that were worse than others. The days that were nicer I took walkabouts through Bariloche. I found this particular weather forecast interesting as it was the first time I had seen the google symbol for volcanic ash. I found it immensely amusing. Another…

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Day 329 – 334 – Climbing at Piedra Parada

Day 1 I woke up very excited to get some climbing in at Piedra Parada. This was the site of the 2012 Petzl Roctrip, a climbing event held in a new climbing destination every year. The weather was perfect, the scenery exquisite, and the climbing opportunities seemed limitless. This is the scenery I woke up to this morning. It is a picture showing what our campsite overlooks. As a plus we had a great source of water just a few feet away. After having breakfast we hiked into the canyon to a wall that seemed like a good wall to warm up on. The wall was called el circo. Our warm up route wound up being El Culebron de las Marjuas, a 6b (5.10c) rated route and a difficulty I have never climbed even indoors. So much for the warm up. The fact that I am not in proper climbing form and that…

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