Day 317 – Heading to Cochamo

Clouds clearing over lake

Today I would be headed to Cochamo to meet up with Kevin, a gentleman from Colorado that I had climbed with in Chalten. Yesterday I had reached out to him on a whim and by complete coincidence he was in Cochamo and was going to go out to climb the day after I arrived. We agreed to meet up and head out together. My bus was at 4:30 out of Puerto Varas so I hung out drinking that delicious mocha coffee from Cassis at my hostel most of the day. What did I do with that time? I did some research on Cochamo and wrote a few posts. 3:30 came and I grabbed one more mocha and headed back to collect my things from the hostel. At this point it was pouring down pretty hard and I couldn’t wait to get onto the bus. I JUST made the bus. The bus was pulling out…

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Day 318 – Hiking into La Junta


Today the plan was to meet Kevin at his hostel and head in his car to the La Junta trail head. He had arranged through to have the climbing gear hauled up to camp via horse. I told him I would split the costs with him as hiking a bunch of heavy climbing equipment along with at least a week’s worth of food would be pretty brutal. One piece of gear that I was missing was a helmet. Last night in the rain I had gone from person to person looking for a place or someone that could rent me a helmet. The best answer I was given was by a proprietor that lived right outside of the trail. He claimed to have a helmet although he did not know what type it was. In my head I imagined an equestrian helmet. Whatever it was, it would be better than nothing.…

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Days 319 – 324 Climbing in Cochamo

Mountain we would be climbing

Day 1 We got up leisurely thinking that today would be an easy day of scouting. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. We wound up being given less than accurate instructions on how to get to one of the climbing areas and the approach was at least 3 hours of hiking. On top of that we got slightly lost in the treeline by using the trail markers. Yeah that’s not a typo we got lost by following the markers. Following the trail markings pretty much made us do a circle and wind up close to where we started out our hike. We knew that every trail was marked with the same tape but what we didn’t know at the time was that there was a trail that had been eliminated because one of the proprietors no longer wanted people hiking through it. We wound up on that trail because the…

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Day 325 – 328 – Our Journey to Piedra Parada

Day 1 After exiting the La Junta campsite we got into Kevin’s car and headed back the way we came. I dropped off the helmet I had rented and we were on our way. The plan was to take a days rest and resupply on food before headaing to our next climbing destination, Piedra Parada in Argentina. We continued up the road and made it to Puerto Varas. I stopped by the sister hostel to the one I had stayed at the last time but they were fully booked. The one I had stayed at was also full so we got a recommendation from a staff member of the hostel and wound up at a nice cheap place for us to rest for the night. We showered up and handed in some clothing to have washed over night. Then we headed to Cassis, my favorite place for a cafe mocha…

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Day 329 – 334 – Climbing at Piedra Parada

Day 1 I woke up very excited to get some climbing in at Piedra Parada. This was the site of the 2012 Petzl Roctrip, a climbing event held in a new climbing destination every year. The weather was perfect, the scenery exquisite, and the climbing opportunities seemed limitless. This is the scenery I woke up to this morning. It is a picture showing what our campsite overlooks. As a plus we had a great source of water just a few feet away. After having breakfast we hiked into the canyon to a wall that seemed like a good wall to warm up on. The wall was called el circo. Our warm up route wound up being El Culebron de las Marjuas, a 6b (5.10c) rated route and a difficulty I have never climbed even indoors. So much for the warm up. The fact that I am not in proper climbing form and that…

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