Camping Cookware

I have been camping for quite some time and I am frequently asked for advice on camping equipment. Since I have this information floating in my head, I might as well share it in hopes it will help others.



I don’t officially cook, I rehydrate. That means that the camping stove that I love and have had since 2007 is best suited to boil water fast. That also means that I have not used the newer version of this stove although I have to say, I am tempted to buy it.

First My Stove The ORIGINAL Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

Flash Personal Cooking System, Carbon


  • Lightweight (15.5oz by my scale, the newer model might be lighter)
  • Boils water like a beast
  • 100g fuel canister fits inside the stove for compact storage
  • Idiot proof – Has an built in igniter, and temperature indicator


  • Not ideal for cooking
  • No simmer setting in this model
  • Igniter can fail although you can replace it (mine failed)
  • Canisters cannot be reused creating garbage

If I were to buy something today I would likely get its revised version which cuts some of the weight and addresses some of the prior issues with the design.

Jetboil MiniMo Personal Cooking System – Carbon w/ Line Art

I can’t review this product officially since I’ve never used it. However, based on my reading here are the differences.


  • Very light design (13.01oz)
  • Shorter and wider base making less prone to tipping
  • Can be used to cook a little
  • Has a simmer setting
  • Better handle than previous version


  • Since it’s smaller, it boils less water than mine. 
  • You are not going to cook anything fancy on this. Think pastas, oats, and mashed potatoes

Cooking Stoves

I will develop this section soon. In last multi month trip, I did consider swapping out my stove for a more robust system to break up the monotony of foods I was cooking. 

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