Best Apps for Travel

Best Apps for Travel 

My experience traveling has narrowed these apps to the best apps for travel. There are plenty others but these are the ones I rely on the most. 

Currency Conversion App

UCC My top pick for currency conversion is the XE app. It’s free (with ads), clean looking, and available on all mobile platforms. When I say all platforms it even includes blackberry! One of the features I like is that you can list multiple currencies and see them all compared to yours. This is useful when talking to other travelers from various countries and comparing prices. It has trending charts for those that like to keep track of where the currency is headed. It also has useful information on the symbols used to denominate currency as well as the coins and note values. It also works offline with the last cached rate your phone pulled.

Here are a few screenshots of what the app looks like.




Expense Management App

Expense_Manager.jpgOut of all of the Apps I have tried for managing expenses Expense Manager by Bishinew has been the best. It has just become available to Iphone users under the name EZ Expense Manager. I am basing my opinion off of the Android version since that is my experience. The things I like about it are that it allows me to customize categories to fit my travel needs. It lets me upload my database to dropbox or google drive. It allows you to save pictures of your receipts on a per transaction basis. To boot you can export to a CSV file. This is the app that has allowed me to share my expenses with other travelers. You can look at things visually by category using percentages or raw dollars. It’s jam packed with features. Here are a few screen shots of the app.

Expense Manager Expense Entry FormExpense Manager Category Text SummaryExpense Manager Pie Chart












Offline Navigation App is a fantastic resource that I rely on heavily. It is extremely useful. You can download offline maps of the country you are in and browse to your hearts content offline. Provided you have the location service enabled on your mobile device, you will be able to see where you are on the map as well as have it route a path for you google maps style. In the past did not have turn by turn but it has now been added. The point of interest layering could be better but it has seen continuous improvements throughout the years. You can drop custom pins on the map to keep track of places you’ve been to or keep track of where your hostel is for those drunken nights. The app also has many hiking trails which is super handy for my lifestyle. The only time this app has failed me was kayaking through the Florida Everglades. There was something wrong with the scaling of the map so despite several hours of paddling, it appeared we had not moved. However, one failure in hundreds of uses is to be expected. 

NavigationPoints of InterestExpanded map













Whatsapp.pngAside from facebook, I feel the golden standard for messaging is whatsapp. It allows you to text to international numbers, send pictures, videos, create group chats, and initiate calls. While the VOIP function is not the best, it is still a great app to have when traveling abroad. It works on pretty much all mobile platforms including the almost dead blackberry OS. For those unfamiliar with it, here are a few screenshots.

Conversation Listsingle-chat-1.pnggroup-chat.png











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