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I left on my trip on May 27th 2014. At that time I was 33 years old, had completed an MA from NYU, and up until that point had held a management post in IT at NYU Medical Center. In my 13+ year tenure there I held multiple posts and worked for two wonderful departments.

Before undertaking this trip I had visited 21 countries. This is a number many consider impressive but I found it lacking. Each trip felt rushed and that I had only scratched the surface of learning about the culture, landscape, and history. So what stopped me from taking a trip of this magnitude sooner? I had a few barriers. The first was money. I never felt I had enough saved up to do it. Another barrier was graduate school. I was in a program much longer than I care to admit publicly and I couldn’t just throw all that work away. There was also the responsibility of my house and tenants. Finally, there was the fear of taking such a bold step.

With a lot of planning, budgeting, determination, and help from others, I have been fortunate enough to go on this wonderful trip. I don’t know how long it will last but while on it I hope to make the best of it.

About My Trip


  1. Miguel Nieves, Sr.

    Jose I am so happy to see you are doing this. It’s a life experience I know you’ll treasure forever. We’re looking forth to seeing you when you hit Illinois soil. Enjoy and have fun.

    • Tio,

      I am looking forward to getting to see you guys. It always seems so rushed when we get together. I am looking forward to spending more than just a few hours at a family event together. I’ll reach out as soon as I have some hard dates. I’m probably still a few weeks away though. Send Titi my love and thanks for checking in on me 🙂


  2. Hello JR,
    This is Yvonne. I used to be Jimenez before I remarried. I used to be married to “Tio Miggy”. I don’t know if you remember me. Your mom gave me your website so I can follow you on your journey.
    I must say I am very impressed with your will to do this. You seem to revel in travel and exploration. I would have gone home the minute the water spilled in my tent or I saw the first snake. Clearly, you are made of strong stuff and enjoy what you are seeing and doing. I certainly will follow your journey and hope that when and if you get to Arizona, you will call on me. Your mom has all the information.
    By the way, after seeing your pictures, I don’t think I would have recognized you if I had seen you in the street. I last saw you when you were about 10 years old. Stay safe my dear. Hope that we will meet again soon.

    • Yvonne,

      I have to say I find it thoroughly amusing that you thought you would have to remind me of who you are. I may have blocked out a lot of my childhood but I haven’t forgotten you! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been that long! Then again I haven’t played with Keith in a hell of a long time… so yeah I guess it has been that long. I do have your contact info and if I am in AZ I’ll reach out to you. It would be great to see you again after so many years. Oh and there are only 3 known poisonous snakes in this area so I’m not too worried 😉

      Big hug from the road

  3. Hello,

    I’m producing a story for a science program called Daily Planet on Discovery Channel in Canada about animals and urine.

    We mention the problem with mountain goats and human urine on the trails with the goats licking the salt. In noticed you have a nice video on YouTube and I was wondering if I could include some of your footage in my story?

    I appreciate any help.



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