6 Months of Travel Expenses in Peru & Bolivia

I thought it was time for an update on my travel expenses. At the time of writing this I am more than 7 months into this leg of my trip. As is customary for me, I am moving slow through the region and have had 2 “homes” during this time, Cusco, Peru and Sucre, Bolivia. I spent more than a month in each location and enjoyed establishing some semblance of a routine. Staying put in this way allows you to really get to know a location and save on travel expenses. There is no bus/airfare to spend on, you can negotiate better rates for longer stays, and you figure out which restaurants have the good breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials`.

This post is skipping ahead of narratory posts. I have not yet shared all the experiences across the 3 months I spent in Bolivia. However, I want to make it a practice to share expenses about every quarter. I should have posted this a month ago but things got in the way. 

Those interested in seeing my running total since I quit my job 3 plus years ago can visit my main expenses page.

6 Months of Expenses in Peru & Bolivia

CategoryCostPercentageIncluded Expenses

Includes all of my food as well as any expenses incurred by treating friends to drinks or meals.
Includes: Campsites, Hostels, Airbnb's, and Hotels.
Includes: gas, automobile maintenance, parking, tolls, train, ferry, boat, and bus rides.
Health Related & Hygiene$591.78
Includes: Health Insurance, Showers, and Toiletries.
Recreation$467.557.11%Includes Entrance Fees for: museums, attractions, parks, gyms, theaters, and sporting activities.
Cloud Storage and Cell Phone Expense
Equipment & Clothing$146.152.22%
Includes: Hiking Equipment/Repair, Apparel, and Footwear.
Miscellaneous Expenses (donations, gifts, books, etc.)
*Average daily expenses for the first 183 days of my Peruvian & Bolivian trip were $35.94.
** Percentage total is 99.63 due to rounding error.
*** Those interested in downloading the raw data can download it here.

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