La Paz Continued

Since I stayed in La Paz for more than a week there were some things that I did not mention in my prior post about it. First I think nothing epitomizes La Paz more than these sexy buses. Notice the thundercats logo in the small front window. These things have so much swag to them. They are generally painted in 4 colors, blue, green, yellow, and red. Some have really intricate paint jobs and pimp looking hood ornaments.   Teleferico (Cable Car) Aside from bus transportation, one of my new found favorite modes of transportation is cable car (teleferico). The views are incredible and it makes for such a pleasant commute. A view of the mountains away from the start/stop jerking of traffic and noise is a great way to start your day. The Teleferico (Cable Car) pictures are also from multiple days. The daytime photos and videos were taken…

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Puma Punku

Puma Punku is one of my favorite sectors of Tiwanaku. The artistry and craftsmanship to achieve the level of precision that you see here is remarkable. For those interested in the other areas of Tiwanaku, I covered those in my previous post on Tiwanaku.  The H’s of Puma Punku A lot of these H’s are very similar in size and they feel like they interlock with each other. None are found interlocked but the symmetry makes you wonder if they were interlocked at some point in time. When you look at the back of them, it almost seems like the channel in the back is designed to slide the bottom part of the H into it. Perhaps it’s just my over active imagination 🙂 Concentric Stonework I think this is where a lot of people lose their minds. Look at how beautiful and precise these are.  Are they perfect? No…

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Sun Gate Tiwanaku

One of the most exciting things about being in La Paz was knowing that I could get to Tiwanaku from there. Tiwanaku is a UNESCO World Heritage archeological site that has amazing stone masonry. Some of it’s iconic features are the Semi Subterranean Temple, the Kalasasaya Temple, the Sun Gate, and Puma Punku. The corners, incuts, and carvings are all very impressive here. Also, while this is a little cheesy, this site was covered on a show called ancient aliens. Since seeing the site on this show, my interest in visiting this site grew considerably. The premise of this show is that sites like this are evidence of intelligent life having visited our world and helped with its development. It’s a fun thought to have when walking around the complex. Those interested in reading about the site can read up on the UNESCO World Heritage or Wikipedia. It makes no sense for…

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La Paz Bolivia

Calle Jaen La Paz Bolivia

As soon as I got to La Paz, tranquility went out the window. It’s a fast paced city in all its glory. Honking horns, traffic, heavy pollution, and that dingy city feel.  On the bus ride I met Rachel, a woman from Brazil that was also travelling for a considerable amount of time. We decided we would hunt for a hostel together. She had an idea of where she wanted to go, and I was clueless as to the “popular” area to stay in. We took a taxi from the bus station to a more centric part of town and then began the hunt for accommodations. After walking into a few places Rachel found her home. I decided to continue to look as I wanted something cheaper. About 30 minutes after parting ways I found a spot. It was a family run place, was priced well, had wifi, and a…

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Isla del Sol

Today I took the boat from Copacabana to Isla del Sol. I am not an early riser so I took the 1pm boat (the last one). The ride itself was enjoyable despite being a little crammed in. It felt like there were about 80 people aboard. Once at the dock, you get slightly bombarded by people trying to steer you to accommodations. I had been told by the owners of El Condor and Eagle Cafe to stay at a particular place on the top of the island that had great panoramic views. It was not long before I realized why I was advised to lodge up top. The views were ridiculous! I was also warned it was a strenuous hike up and that was accurate. It was a steep gradient. I stopped several times to catch my breath as I made my way there. It didn’t hurt to have views like…

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